As a NJ Home Addition expert, Pangione Developers Inc, offers the most affordable home additions for Bergen County New Jersey Residents. Pangione Developers Inc. offers more per square foot than any other reputable contractor in Bergen County NJ. If you and your family are interested in expanding your New Jersey home with a home addition, room addition, cape cod add a level or ranch add a level, call Pangione Developers Inc. for a free consultation and we will provide you with a no obligation estimate within 2 days of our initial visit.

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Our Home Addition Guarantee

Pangione Developers Inc., a premiere NJ Home Addition contractor and NJ Home Improvement Contractor keeps the process of building your home addition as simple as possible for any family that chooses us.

From the beginning of your NJ Home Addition, Pangione Developers Inc will provide many references throughout Bergen County NJ. Once you and your family are ready to move forward, a contract signing will be set up and a representative from Pangione Developers will go over the entire contract from beginning to end. This is where years of experience in building for homeowners separates Pangione Developers Inc from our competition. We have found over the years that most customers feel literally like they are entering into “unchartered waters” when signing a home improvement contract similar to the feeling the feeling you have when you go to buy a new car and you don’t understand the specifics within the contract. In our home addition contracts, each category and phase of your project are completely broken down and itemized. At the end of the contract signing, you will be completely informed and have an understanding as to how your job will be completed. Pangione Developers prides itself on using modern technology such as cell phones, emailing and instant messaging to stay in constant contact with our customers. When you check on our referrals, just ask them.

Once the NJ Home Addition contract is finalized,our in house architect will arrive at your home within 2-4 days to measure your home. From here, in most cases within 1 week, you will receive a file via email containing your preliminary plans. The homeowners review and adjust the plans 1-2 x and then when the plans are designed according to your specifications you will sign our “Plan Release Form” which allows Pangione Developers Inc. to finalize the blueprint plans and submit them to your local building department. Yes, Pangione Developers Inc. also submits your required zoning review to your local building department as well.Please note that in some cases your NJ home addition may require a variance but no need to worry because Pangione Developers Inc. can arrange to have that handled as well.

Once your NJ Home Addition permit is ready, we state in our contract that we will start within 5-7 business days however in most cases we usually start within 2 days. Once your home addition project is underway, we will handle all aspects of the building process including the many inspections needed to keep the work moving forward.

At Pangione Developers Inc, there are no surprises during the NJ Home Addition process. We include everything necessary in order to complete your project. From the permits to removal of all the debris, your contract will state everything and anything pertaining to your NJ Home Addition project in writing.

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